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High School Credit Recovery Courses

Do you need to make up credits to graduate? Ebenezer International Christian Academy credit recovery courses are the answer. Besides our 9th – 12th grade program we have credit recovery where our students do not have to retake certain classes if they have previously passed them. Any failed or incomplete classes will have the possibility to be done in our program.

  • We accept enrollments year-round. Whether you are looking to take our online courses during the regular school year or make up credits with EICA as your online high school, we let you study on your own schedule. Being a EICA student never interferes with your job, family responsibilities or recreational activities, because you fit learning time comfortably into your routine.

    Consider our high school credit recovery courses if you want to...
    • Retake previously failed courses
    • Retake previously incomplete courses
    • Catch up to your graduating class