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Online High School FAQ

Online High School FAQ

Have questions? We have answers here in our EICA online high school FAQ. Need to know more? Call 305-792-8242 to speak with an Admissions Advisor.

1.) What is Ebenezer International Christian Academy admission requirements?

Students entering Ebenezer International Christian Academy must be at least 14 years of age and show a school transcript, homeschooling portfolio, or standardized test score indicating at or above 8th grade level performance in all subject areas.

2.) Does Ebenezer International Christian Academy have an enrollment deadline?

Ebenezer International Christian Academy flexible learning model allows students to study in a self-paced environment – wherever and whenever best suits them. The same flexibility is true for enrollment – you may enroll online 24/7. Or, call 305-792-8242 to speak with an Admissions Advisor during business hours, or mail your enrollment form to us. There is no specific timeframe when you must enroll. Enrollment link

3.) How quick can I start the program?

All you need to get started is an electronic device with internet access. Once you enroll, you'll receive access to our exclusive online learning system to immediately begin your first course. All students begin with an online Orientation.

4.) Do I have to live near the school to be able to study there?

No. Ebenezer International Christian Academy welcomes students from a variety of geographic areas. If you are taking courses online, you will have 24-hour-a -day access to your curriculum regardless of where you live. Our online high school is perfect for military families who frequently have a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order as well as families that relocate for business reasons.

5.) Do I have to pay the tuition the day of registration?

No, in our school we understand that some of our students don’t have the possibility to make all of their payments at the same time of registration, we have different payment methods to accommodate to our student’s needs.

6.) When I graduate with the school will I be able to attend any college?

Yes, the students at Ebenezer International Christian Academy have no limitations of what school to attend because of their diplomas. So long as they have all of the standards and all the requirements their top pick schools asks for hey will have no problems.

7.) Is Ebenezer International Christian Academy accredited?

Ebenezer International Christian Academy has the recognizable accreditations of COGNIA(SACS/CASI). COGNIA (SACS/CASI) is dedicated to advancing excellence in education worldwide through accreditation, research, and professional services. SACS CASI accredits more than 13,000 schools and school systems throughout the U.S. and abroad. The council is an accrediting division of COGNIA. We are a fully accredited school that offers students the opportunity to have peace of mind while finishing their education.

8.) Is the EICA program self-paced?

Yes, our flexible online programs allow students to study anytime or anywhere and complete as little or as much work as their schedule allows. Because students don't have the stress of due dates, they can allocate more time to lessons that are more challenging and less time to those lessons in which they feel more comfortable.

9.) What are the requirements to graduate at EICA?

You must successfully complete a minimum of twelve (12) Ebenezer International Christian Academy credits to be eligible to earn your diploma from our school.

10.) Does EICA have payment plans?

You can enroll and start studying right away with an initial down payment. Our budget-friendly approach allows you to break your tuition into zero percent interest monthly payments. We never charge finance fees.

11.) What are EICA cancelation policy’s?

The student (or parent/ guardian, if student is a minor) should notify the school in person or in writing if he/she decides to cancel or terminate his/her attendance. Although students who begin classes and subsequently wish to withdraw are requested to provide notice of such withdrawal, refunds will be made in accordance with this refund policy regardless of whether written notice of withdrawal is provided. Tuitions are charged for the entire length of the programs. All refund will be made according to the following refund schedule:

  • The money will be refunded for the exception of the registration fee if the applicant is not accepted by the school or if the applicant cancels within three (3) business days after signing the enrollment agreement and making initial payment.

12.) How quick do I get my diploma after I graduate?

After the student is done making the final payments and have passed all their classes with a minimum of a “C” we give it a week and we contact the student to come pick up their diploma after 5-10 business days of finishing the school. If the student can’t physically come to the school to pick up their diploma we send it by air postal.

13.) How can I request a copy of my diploma or transcripts from Ebenezer International Christian Academy?

You may request a copy of your Ebenezer International Christian Academy contacting student services at 305-792-8242 or by sending us a transcript request. We can provide additional official transcripts at a cost of $25.00 and are happy to send them to prospective employers and college admission offices. Payment must be received prior to your transcript's release. For the diploma copy you must contact us at 305-792-8242 and talk to an advisor to see how we can help.

TRANSCRIPT REQUEST( https://eica.edutino.com/index.php?login/transcripts_request )