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EICA School Virtual Teacher

We are currently accepting job applications from persons interested in teaching with EICA School. To apply, please click the link below, fill out the required and applicable fields, and submit your application through our secure website.

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Welcome to EICA

Ebenezer International Christian Academy provides many educational opportunities to individuals whom have needed a proper high school education in order to move forward in their lives. Our staff is a diversified group of individuals, all of which have extensive experience in their current position. Our faculty is made of well qualified individuals that have an eagerness to help others and impart a proper education to each student. EICA, over the years, has helped bridge the educational gap that comes with being an immigrant to this country, especially those that have been pulled from the classroom experience in their country of origin. Helping those with language barriers has been a challenge that the institution does confront, and is slowly mastering the techniques and practices that facilitate this barrier to its students.

Our Mission

The mission of E.I.C.A. is to reach its community to equip students through quality education with the necessary skills to pursue excellence through Christ in every area of life. The greatest level of accountability is our students, and EICA seeks to provide the best education possible for each individual seeking improvement in their education. Through technological development, we seek to provide greater opportunities in learning that allow for an alternative to traditional education. EICA pursues high-value educational development through the digital learning environment that allows us to reach a wide array of individuals in need, while allowing the flexibility to adapt to different capacities of learning.

Our Vision

EICA’s purpose is very much engaged in it’s students educational progress through every step of their program. From its personal interaction during the admissions process to its student-teacher relationships, EICA accounts for every student in a very personal matter. The structure of its programs ensures that the students reach the necessary academic goals as well as a solid learning of Christian moral teachings that take part of the course curriculum. We expect all of our students to excel in our program and therefore have created its program offerings to adapt to student learning capacities, with the help of our qualified instructors. The size and scope of our institution allows for a great level of dedication to each student.