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Become an Ebenezer International Christian Academy Student Today!

We accept students who have a passion to thrive against all odds at various stages of their lives no matter their culture or backgrounds. When choosing one of our online high school programs, you will find it easy and beneficial to become a student at EICA.

  • Traditional Students - We have programs for students who seek a flexible, affordable alternative to the rigid classroom and social structure of their local school; students who need extra academic assistance; advanced students who prefer to study independently; students with special health needs; and students who travel will all be able all find programs that accommodate to their needs.
    • If you are a "traditional" full-time student at a brick-and-mortar neighborhood high school, you may be wondering how you can complete your studies with more flexibility and get your high school diploma online. If you are self-motivated, comfortable using the Internet and like the idea of learning independently, you are ready to start studying at Ebenezer International Christian Academy to get your high school diploma online after completing our program.

      We help remove the stigma you may face in your local high school. For example,...

      • There is no tension with other classmates due to competition or rivalry
      • There are no social cliques or peer pressures that may prevent you from feeling comfortable
      • There are no pop quizzes or assignments that go ungraded
      • There is no mandatory standardized test that might put in jeopardy your diploma
    • Another benefit is you log onto your lessons when you want and study at your own pace — you'll never be late for class and you’ll never have any penalties on your assignments for not turning them in on a time frame! And you'll get supportive, individualized instruction from academic advisors and certified teachers to help you every step of the way till you achieve you end goal.

An Ideal Alternative to Help You Graduate

Traditional high schools don't work for every student — or parents. At EICA, every student has an alternative to earn a high school diploma. We are ideal for students who...

  • Seek more challenging courses
  • Struggle academically or socially
  • Previously dropped out
  • Have health challenges or special needs
  • Travel frequently

Revitalize your or your child's love of learning. Call 305-792-8242 or enroll online now.

  • Adults Learners- Adults who are returning to earn their diplomas after leaving school for personal or academic reasons will also find different programs to wok around their busy schedule.

Now is the time to complete your high school education. At Ebenezer International Christian Academy, you get the possibility to earn your high school diploma.

  • Our adult high school diploma program allows you to study online to fit your busy life. Earning a fully regionally and nationally accredited education can help you achieve your goals – whether they are personal, education or job-related.

An Affordable, Flexible, and Accredited Adult High School Diploma

It doesn't matter to us why you didn't finish high school. What matters is that you are exploring ways to earn a high school diploma now — in the most convenient and flexible way possible. Here's why an online high school education at Ebenezer International Christian Academy can work for you...

  • Enrollments are all year-round anytime
  • Start your first course the day of your registration
  • We accept eligible transfer credits
  • Choose an affordable tuition plan that fits your budget
  • Study on your own schedule at your own pace
  • Choose from our accredited high school programs 
Don't put it off any longer! Our high school diploma program can help you achieve your goals. Call us at any time to 305-792-8242 or enroll online today.