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The Link between Your Personality & Career Choice

  • Apr 01
  • Ponemus Inc

Finding a fulfilling and enjoyable career path is easier if you have a clear perspective of who you are as a person. By taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), you will gain a greater understanding of your interests, strengths, and personality type, all of which play a vital role in choosing an appropriate career.

The MBTI is a sixty-eight question personality test which takes about fifteen minutes to complete. The MBTI determines, out of sixteen personality types, the one that best describes your individualized personality (ex. Extrovert or Introvert, Sensor or Intuitive, Judger or Perceiver, and Thinker or Feeler). Once you complete this test, you will be provided with a four letter code which represents your personality type (ESFJ, INTP, etc.). You will also be given a description of your four letter code and a list of corresponding careers that best match your individual personality type.

Once you become familiar with your personality type and the corresponding careers, you can thoroughly research the various jobs of your choice. Salary information, education requirements, and job descriptions can be explored by visiting careerkey.org.

The MBTI can be accessed by going to CareerTest.net.

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