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How to perform well at school during holidays

  • Dec 01
  • Ponemus Inc

It’s October, and then November, and wait, then is December. All three months mark the end of the school semester but at the same time they are loaded with holidays, celebrations, family gatherings, lots of parties, and food and yes, lots of distractions from your expected performance to end the semester, or your term, or your course, in a high note.

This is a very challenging time for you as a student, this is a time when you need to focus and be organized, otherwise you will get distracted and before you know it, class assignments are due and you are not prepared. Being organized is an important component of your academic success. You can manage your time efficiently by using your digital calendar on your smart phone or tablet, or even your personal computer. Set timelines for short- and long-term goals and due dates for school work. Make sure to leave space for extracurricular activities and socializing.

Also, you need to develop good study habits. Not only will the study habits you develop now improve your high school grades, they will carry you into college and beyond. Follow these basic tips and watch your work improve:

  • Review assigned readings and notes before each class
  • Complete assignments in advance – don’t procrastinate!
  • Tackle larger projects in manageable increments
  • Allow ample study time to avoid cramming the night before a big exam

Some people struggle to keep themselves motivated. You must think about the factors that motivate you to perform at an academically high level, and set realistic goals that are challenging but attainable. Rewarding yourself, for example, is a great way to stay motivated. Rewards can include buying something for yourself or even going out to dinner with friends. You might even involve your parents as accountability partners who reward you for academic success. You can ask them to get a Christmas present that really corresponds with your effort and your grades at school.

Despite the challenges you may encounter, such as difficult assignments or a low quiz grade, remember to stay committed. Instead of having a pity party when things go south, chart a path for future success and take action. But remember, above all things during this time of the year you have to keep focused.

But, it’s not all about working hard; it’s also time to celebrate after all, working hard doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, as long as you maintain a balance between fun and schoolwork. Part of staying motivated is making sure you take breaks and recharge. Spend time with your friends and family and participate in all those activities and delicious dinners that you enjoy. This is a time to make memories, whether it’s going out in a custom, or eating a nice meal for Thanksgiving, or going shopping on Black Friday, or gathering around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Make the best of the season!