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“New Year. New Me.” The planning of a bucket list.

  • Jan 01,2018

When it comes to a brand-new year’s you hear the usual comment “new year new me”. Now some of us take this serious by setting ourselves a series of new goals. Others just join in the hype and set goals that we all know very well are a bit out of reach. Whether you are being realistic or maybe a bit to imaginative there’s always a motivation for the new year. Now the question comes in as from all the goals we have achieved, how many of them happened in this year.
Yes, it’s not uncommon to start the new year with the same goals we had a couple of years back. So, what is it we are doing wrong? Why is it that as the days pass our new year’s goals, become more and more of a thing of the past than a goal? We have sketched out a bit of a rough draft that have helped us in the past, and we would like to share them and recommend them to you, so you could achieve those goals once and for all.

The new year’s plan

1.) Have Assessable goals: Now having dreams and admissions is never a bad thing. Since a young age we are always told to “aim for the stars.” But when making you bucket list for the year we always want to be as realistic as possible. Its more assessable to say, “this year I’ll work harder and aim for a raise” than say “I’ll become a millionaire.” God made us to be hard worker and he wants all his children to be overachievers, but we can achieve this through hard work, efforts, and having goals that we can assess in a matter of time.

2.) Have a plan: Dreams and Goals are a nice thing to have. But we always got to have a plan. We got to always have a plan to follow to ensure our success.

3.) Checkup tri-monthly how you have been keeping up on your goals.

4.) And most importantly, never give up.