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Effective Study Habits for a New School Year!

  • Jan 01
  • Ponemus Inc

In thinking about a successful new school year, a key component in achieving above average grades is utilizing effective study habits. Implementing the following four study habits are crucial in retaining important information and maintaining above average grades.

Plan Time for Daily Studying
Plan a time to study every day. This will prevent cram sessions which are ineffective because the brain has not had enough time to consolidate information and commit it to long term memory. It takes time for the brain to transfer short term memory into long term memory. Long term memory is the area of the brain that needs to be exercised and where concepts can be successfully recalled.

Adopt a Reading Strategy
Adopt a textbook reading strategy like SQ3R where you survey, question, read, recall, and review in order to understand printed concepts. Pay special attention to highlighted words, charts, diagrams, and special boxed text. These areas are filled with valuable information that will aid in the comprehension of written material.

Review Prior to Studying
Before you begin a new study session, spend ten minutes or so reviewing the material from your previous study session. This small refresher time will help your brain commit information to long term memory. Adopting this review habit will result in less studying time prior to major exams.

Create Review Tools
Create flashcards, concept maps, and study checklists will help you review important concepts and consolidate information in an easy to read format.