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The Begging of a new life and new begging’s

  • Mar 01,2018

March is the third month of the year. Your first checkup on your “New year’s plan” that you made back in December. You got to make sure to be accomplishing or working towards our goals. March is the beginning of a new life, quite literally. As we all know March is the month of spring and where all the flowers bloom and the ideas start to grow. In this time, it’s time for us to ensure our spiritual, physical, and emotional health is renewed. This is the Peake of the year where spring has reached the beautiful rains that make rainbows show the ideas that flow from our heads to a piece of paper. When it comes to spring that’s when our ideas flow like a waterfall, take a moment to yourself. Take out a piece of paper, sit down by a window and write LIFE down.

Let the ideas flow.
Interact with your surrounding and create metaphors.
Feel the letters running from your mind down your thumb.
Express your all into a paper.