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How to Write an Effective Essay

  • May 01
  • Ponemus Inc

When writing a five paragraph essay, the first thing to consider is organization. A five paragraph essay is most effectively organized by an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. The first paragraph is where you introduce the main idea of your essay. This paragraph is quite important because it captures the reader’s interest and includes a thesis statement which is the main point or controlling idea of your essay. The last sentence of this paragraph should include a transitional sentence which logically moves the reader to the body of the essay.

The second paragraph is where the body of the essay begins. The first sentence should include a transitional sentence from the ending of the first paragraph. This body paragraph should contain the strongest argument or beginning point. This argument or beginning point should relate to the previously stated thesis. There should also be a transitional sentence to tie the reader into the third paragraph.

The third paragraph contains the second body paragraph where you point out the second strongest argument or second point to be made within the essay. The topic for this paragraph should be identified within the first or second sentence.

The fourth paragraph includes the third body paragraph where you identify the last idea or final point to be argued. The first sentence should include a transitional sentence from the third paragraph. The final sentence should lead the reader into the conclusion paragraph.

In the conclusion paragraph, you restate but not repeat the thesis statement. There should also be a summary of the three main points from the body of the essay. The second to the last sentence should uphold your main idea with a firm statement proven in the previous body paragraphs. The final sentence should leave the reader with something to think about like a quote, a question, or something interesting or funny.

Now that you have finished writing your essay, go back and proof read your writing. See if you have incorporated descriptive and colorful words that make your writing come alive. Ensure that each paragraph contains five to seven sentences.

It never hurts to have someone proof read your essay prior to sending it in to your instructor for grading. Have a friend or family member go over your essay with you to see if they have any ideas for improvement. You might consider integrating any suggested tips into your essay if you feel that it would benefit the points already stated.

With all of these helpful suggestions, your essay is bound to be well written and have a lasting impression on your reader. Happy writing.