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We Partner With School Administrators and Educational Organizations

We welcome the opportunity to partner with high school administrators across the U.S. to help your students graduate. High school administrators, guidance counselors, dropout recovery programs, and boards of education staff can be confident referring our school to students who are seeking an alternative way to earn a high school diploma. Students all around the globe will find a benefit in being able to complete their diploma from home and at their own pace with our flexible programs.

Helping Your Students Get Back On Track

Our dedicated school administrator support team will help you explore our course options. Because the EICA curriculum is nationally and regionally accredited, course credit can transfer* — both into and out of our school. English and Math courses are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. By providing students a way to complete failed or missed courses, EICA can...

  • Reduce student dropout rates
  • Help seniors graduate on time
  • Improve student GPA
  • Supplement your current curriculum
  • Serve as a second opportunity school for students that consequently wouldn’t have graduate.

We urge high school administrators to find out how EICA gives all students the opportunity to earn a diploma or supplement their studies.Call us at any time to 305-792-8242 or enroll online today.